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Funding for Government Contracts

Working with the right factor or financing firm can make all the difference. This is especially true in factoring your government receivables or obtaining purchase order funding for government contract financing. The factoring company should not only understand the requirements of your industry but must also be able to help you to work within the requirements of FAR and iRapt expeditiously.

Many factors and financing firms are not able to deal with the complexities of the government’s requirements. As a result, therefore, they are unavailable for such purposes. BusinessCash is among those firms that provide funding for government contractors. We have been working with firms in a wide range of industries for two decades. And we are highly experienced in working within the guidelines and requirements of FAR and iRapt. Click here for a list of the top 2014 government contractors.

If you are a federal government contractor or wish to become one, then please contact us at BusinessCash. Let’s talk about the best ways we can help you to fund your government contracts.

Get a Fast Funding for Government Contracts. Call (888) 400-5930 or use the fast, safe & secure online funding application.

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