Factoring and Payroll Funding for Temp and Permanent Staffing

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How to get payroll funding for your staffing agency

Meeting payroll is one of the highest priorities for staffing agency company owners. However, salary becomes a challenge if your company is new, growing fast, or has other working capital challenges. Employees need to receive the payment on time, but customers often drag their feet on paying their invoices resulting in cash flow problems. Our payroll funding solution gets you the working capital needed every week.

How Staffing Company Payroll Factoring Works

  • Maximum or Spot Liquidity – You choose
  • Funding as Fast as 24 hours
  • 92%+ Advance Rates Available
  • Takes the Credit Risk with Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring
  • Specializes in Startups
How payroll funding for staffing works

How Payroll Funding for Staffing Works

We Care About Your Success

At BusinessCash.com, we understand the growth of the rapid demands, and being a start-up puts on cash flow, the pressure of meeting payroll and benefit premiums. From IT workers to teachers, to freight to security guards, we offer up to 92%, same day—wire transfer, advance against invoices for our clients. You will receive the remaining balance once your customer has paid minus low-cost fees. With every funding package, you get receivables management and no longer need to be concerned about collections. This gives your staffing agency more time to service your clients and less time worrying about how much cash you have in the bank.

After the invoice is paid, we deduct our fees and remit the balance back to you. Depending on volume, the discount fee can be as low as 1%. You will be assigned an account executive, a real, live person that you get to know, as a single point of contact. They get to know you as well and how you want your account handled.

Is your staffing agency ready for financial freedom?

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