government contract factoring

Turn Government Contracts into Working Capital with Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring

We Know Your Government Contract Cash Flow Problems

  • Trouble covering payroll every week
  • Not enough cash to fuel growth
  • Can’t take on new contracts and fulfill existing government contracts
  • Can’t take material discounts or saddled with late fees

Through our government contract factoring program, we can give you the cash that fuels your business. We understand the FAR, the culture of government and dealing with the government bureaucracy. We have money available now for local, state and federal contracts in the USA. We are currently funding IT staffing, lawn contracts, GCs, demolition, painters, concrete, HVAC, paving and site preparation companies; just to name a few.

Financial Capability Certification Program. This program provides customers with contingent financing commitments so that they can demonstrate to U.S. Government contracting officers that they possess the financial wherewithal to execute on contract awards. This results in our customers winning more, and larger, contract awards.

factoring company cash now

We look at the credit worthiness of your government client, so don’t be afraid about being turned down. Even if you have had a bankruptcy, tax liens or slow pays, can fund you through our government factoring services.

We can help you manage the wild swings in cash flow by getting you your money now; not waiting 30 or 60 or more. We can insure your suppliers get paid quickly, so that you can negotiate the very best pricing. In many instances, the ability to take discounts and get better material pricing has made up for the cost of factoring.

Ready to get funded? Call us toll-free at 866-598-4295, complete our secure online funding application or chat with us.

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