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Cable Sales & Installation Factoring

Financing through factoring for cable industryFactoring Cable Sales & Installation Companies

BusinessCash offers specialized cash flow programs to the telecom/cable industry.  Are you in the business of telecommunications, cable installation, drop bury, drop maintenance, disconnects, audits, boring contractors, door to door cable sales? Take advantage of getting paid NOW, not waiting 30-60 days.  Allowing you to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers.

Many of the Benefits of Factoring for the Telecom Industry:

  • Quickpay! No Waiting for Payments from telecom clients
  • Get up to 90% of your invoice advanced
  • Money to Meet Payroll
  • Grow your Company
  • Client Credit Services
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Receivable Financing

BusinessCash works with most of the MSO’s including Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Charter, Bresnan, Allegiance, Brighthouse, Mediacom, Northland, New Wave, Sudden Link, and much more.

Is your cable business ready to get funded with great rates? Call 866-598-4295 or use the fast, safe & secure online-funding application.

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