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With Business Loans, Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing from businesscash.com, you can take advantage of trade discounts with our upfront cash and accelerate your cash flow by utilizing our professional collection techniques. You can also eliminate internal collection costs, reduce accounts receivable accounting expenses and reduce bad debt expenses.

For example, Invoice Factoring can give you financial freedom by letting you grow at your own pace. As your sales increase so does your financing since Factoring accounts receivable does not obligate other assets. We work in tandem with banks and other lenders to provide additional working capital for your business by Accelerating your cash flow and maximizing sales volume.

Who Benefits

  • Your credit score – take vendor discounts
  • Your employees – never worry about making a payroll
  • Your Clients – you have the cash flow to service them
  • You – Cash in the bank gives you piece of mind

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We understand getting squeezed on working capital.

To get funded now, please call us at (866) 598-4295 or complete our secure online funding application.

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