Tips for Getting Government Contracts

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Would you like to become a government contractor or subcontractor? Government contracts can be very lucrative for a small business. The following are six tips from magazine: First – Truly know your business There are currently at least 31,000 federal contracting opportunities listed on the government’s clearinghouse website (more on that in a minute).  But, in a way, 31,000 is worse than zero—at least if it’s your role to comb through them all and figure out which ones you might want to compete. The no. 1 bit of...

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Five Tips in Starting a Small Business

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In today’s entrepreneurship, you are either succeeding or failing. Your business might be the next Apple, or it will be a dud. Being an Educated, Experienced, Creative Professional (EECP) is not enough to survive a start-up. While there is a kind of rapid growth is the entrepreneur’s dream, it also creates problems and requires the difficult transition from having a great idea to making it happen. What will help you is to take a small, “smart step” toward something you desire to achieve. Here are some hard-won lessons from INC...

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