Business Funding with IRS Tax Issues

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in IRS Tax Issues | 0 comments

What happens when an IRS tax warrant, tax lien or tax judgment is issued against your business? How does it affect your business funding chances? The IRS has the authority to issue a lien against your assets, including those that you have used as collateral for loans. This includes potential liens and levies against all your assets, including inventory and accounts receivable – receivables you had hoped to factor for needed working capital. In addition, the IRS is known to seize assets...

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Funding A Small Business with Tax Issues

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What is a small business owner with tax issues to do if when needing business financing?  Companies with tax problems often feel like they have nowhere to turn.  There are options available for a business owner in tax trouble, but only if they choose to work with a qualified invoice factoring company. A business owner may be eligible for invoice factoring, payroll funding, purchase order financing, letters of credit, government contract financing, and even supplier guarantees....

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