Smaller Companies are Winning the Oil and Gas Boom

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ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell haven’t capitalized on any of the several industry tailwinds that should seem to pave the way for solid growth. Meanwhile, smaller competitors seem to be stealing Big Oil’s thunder when it comes to the oil and gas revolution in the United States. While it may be customary to assume Big Oil as the primary profiteers from the domestic oil and gas boom, smaller companies are simply outperforming their bigger brethren.  ExxonMobil’s...

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Inventory Finance for Business

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Recently we helped a distributor of contact lenses with their working capital needs. Like many other companies, they have significant investments in inventory that runs between 3-4 times the value of their accounts receivable. Invoice Factoring alone would not meet their needs. We can turn assets into the working capital with our inventory finance program or PO Funding services. We advance funds against the value of your inventory, effectively increasing your borrowing power. An Inventory...

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Small Business Confidence Rises

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The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) released a report, based on a survey of small businesses, that the small business optimism index gained 0.4 points in February. This means that small businesses are feeling generally more optimistic about the future. So, with small business confidence on the rise, experts suggest preparing your small business cautiously, but optimistically, for a positive future. Read...

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Five Tips in Starting a Small Business

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In today’s entrepreneurship, you are either succeeding or failing. Your business might be the next Apple, or it will be a dud. Being an Educated, Experienced, Creative Professional (EECP) is not enough to survive a start-up. While there is a kind of rapid growth is the entrepreneur’s dream, it also creates problems and requires the difficult transition from having a great idea to making it happen. What will help you is to take a small, “smart step” toward something you desire to...

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The 5 Reasons Every Small Business Are Extending Credit

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There is much debate over whether or not extending net terms to customers is a smart practice for small businesses. There is risk involved, with providing a service or product and trusting the customer to pay you back at a later, specified date. Some say it is harder for small businesses to monitor their credit department, as they don’t have the tools like Fortune 500 companies, but thanks to emerging technologies, handling their customers’ payments is easier than ever. The truth remains...

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