Security Guard Staffing Industry Challenges

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Uncertain times, increased risk and liability to government and business have created a greater need for security services, with more and more industries employing outside security personnel, both for data and physical risk management. The three most common goals of security services are to protect clients and employees, to guard physical assets against damage and theft and to avoid cyber/identity theft. From a physical perspective, the trend in the industry has moved more to licensed or...

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Financing for Security Guard Companies

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Security Guard Services Financing Get Working Capital NOW Payroll Financing Up to 92% of Your Invoice Advanced Personal Credit or Tax Issues? We can help. Accounts Receivable Management Is your security guard company tired of waiting 30-60 or more days before receiving payment? Imagine if you could receive that cash NOW and not have to wait. Envision being able to easily meet your payroll period after period with ease. Accounts receivable financing can help achieve this and...

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