How a Receivable Loan Can Help Your Company

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If you run a business that provides goods or services and then invoice your customers, you already know the difficulties that waiting for your money can bring about. Even in good times, certain companies wait 30, 60, or even 90 days before they are paid. In some cases, the wait can be longer. These long delays can have a real effect on a company’s cash flow and its own ability to pay its bills and payroll. This is when taking out a receivable loan can help. A receivable loan, also known...

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Contract Purchase Program

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Whether you are providing your customers with a delivered product or a future service, BusinessCash provides flexible solutions for funding your installment contract portfolio. We can purchase your seasoned portfolio, as well as new originations as you make a sale. Additionally, we are one of the very few firms that may offer to purchase your bad debt. Even if you do not currently need to finance your receivables, it is prudent to have them serviced by so that you can have...

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Invoice Factoring-Factoring of your Accounts Receivable

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One of the more perplexing issues in business ownership is that as business sales decrease, cash flow gets better (in the short term) because you put out less money now as the accounts receivables are collected from previous robust sales. However, as times get better and sales increase; labor and materials need to be paid for now, accounts receivables balloon and a new cash crunch begin. In this situation, Invoice Factoring or the Factoring of your Accounts Receivable can help. Accounts...

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