Accounts Receivable Financing for Staffing Firms & Payroll

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As the US economy continues on its upward path, the demand for temporary staffing is growing even more rapidly. The staffing industry is projected to grow by 3% in 2017, according to a recent forecast by Staffing Industry Analysts, a global advisor on temporary and contingent work. Indeed, temporary staffing has grown as a percentage of overall employment in the US. Temporary staffing is predicted to grow 3% in 2018 to $126.8 billion with the overall staffing market likely to achieve 4% growth...

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The Best Staffing Payroll Services

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How to Choose the Best Payroll Service Provider for Your Staffing Firm Staffing agencies have unique needs when it comes to processing payroll, which is why many resort to using an outsourced provider. Using a professional payroll service rather than an in-house accountant could save your staffing agency time, money and legal issues. Take a further look at the benefits and best providers out there if your staffing agency struggles with making payroll. While you get paycheck generation services...

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Advanced Payroll Funding

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How to Get Advanced Payroll Funding for Your Staffing Agency America’s staffing companies hire nearly 16 million temporary and contract employees per year. Temporary staffing is growing rapidly and the companies that offer these services must keep up with the expansion but battle the ensuing cash flow issues. Workers want to be paid weekly or bi-weekly at the least and big companies take 45-60 days to pay. Advanced payroll funding is essential to growing your business and keeping both...

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Computer Systems Analysts Temp Jobs on the Rise

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In 2015, temporary employment is growing with 46 percent of employers planning to hire temporary or contract workers. Staffing companies are reaping the benefits of the continued trend.  The United State’s fastest-growing temp jobs that pay $15 an hour or more include: • Computer system analysts are the #1 growing temp job at 11,802 jobs and a predicted 14,024 temp jobs in 2019. • Next up are accountants and auditors, management analysts, computer user support specialists,...

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Factoring for Technology Companies

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Technology IT companies are experiencing a long period of growth and often use temporary staffing companies to fulfill their needs.   Over the last 14 years, IT employment has increased more than 41%, compared to just 3.3% for total employment. IT temporary staffing is projected to grow another 7% in 2015 and reach $27.8 billion.  This means big business for tech companies and it also means they need to be prepared with the proper working capital in order to take advantage of the continued...

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