Recourse Factoring vs Non-Recourse Factoring: Making the Right Choice

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When making decisions, a company should consider all the potential short-term and long-term impacts on the business, not only to keep surviving on the market but also to succeed, grow and generate competitive advantages.  It is common, in the business world, for companies to seek funding solutions on a continuous basis so as to smoothly run their operations, fulfill their orders as well as maintain and gain market shares. Traditionally, a bank loan is the first option for working capital for a...

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Recourse vs Non Recourse Factoring

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There is a great deal of information on the internet about recourse vs non-recourse factoring. Much of it is wrong. When choosing a Factoring Company it is best that you understand what you are being offered. Recourse Factoring: This means that if the invoice is not paid by your client by a certain date, the Factoring Company can charge that invoice back to you or you can replace that invoice with another good invoice. In some ways, this is similar to a line of credit from a bank with a...

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