Picking the Best Manufacturer Finance Company

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Picking the best manufacturer finance company can be a challenge. There are many intricate factors involved and understanding them isn’t easy. Below are the major issues that must be understood to pick the proper finance company for your specific manufacturing business. At times, the best solution is not always the easiest. Your specific industry It’s crucial that the finance company has deep expertise in your manufacturing process and best industry practices to help optimize efficiency,...

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Factoring Manufacturing Companies

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BusinessCash provides working capital along the entire supply chain to some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.  In fact, we’ve been factoring manufacturing companies suppliers since 1998.   BusinessCash understands manufacturers and their supplier’s unique funding needs. Here are the top 10 largest manufacturers: Toyota – Automotive Volkswagen Group – Automotive Samsung Electronics- Electronics Daimler – Automotive General Electric –...

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Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing Companies

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Invoice factoring for Florida manufacturing companies can often be a silver bullet for their growing working capital needs.   Manufacturers are suppliers for larger companies which is ideal when leveraging accounts receivables for fast funding.    Factoring companies look at the credit of a manufacturer’s larger client and don’t put much weight on the personal credit of the manufacturers themselves.     Companies from Miami to Jacksonville can benefit greatly when factoring...

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