Bad Credit Business Loans

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For a small to medium enterprise (SME), obtaining a loan through traditional lenders, such as banks, can be a tedious and often unfruitful task simply because your company does not have the background or large transactions to prove an interest to banks. However, if your business has bad credit, receiving a loan through traditional lenders jumps from “often unfruitful” to “nearly impossible.” Instead, your business must turn to untraditional lenders who can help you obtain funding. A...

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How a Receivable Loan Can Help Your Company

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If you run a business that provides goods or services and then invoice your customers, you already know the difficulties that waiting for your money can bring about. Even in good times, certain companies wait 30, 60, or even 90 days before they are paid. In some cases, the wait can be longer. These long delays can have a real effect on a company’s cash flow and its own ability to pay its bills and payroll. This is when taking out a receivable loan can help. A receivable loan, also known...

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Business Loan Startup Choices

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What type Business Loans are available and how does an Entrepreneur make the best choice for their start up situation? First, let’s look at the variables involved in your unique situation and give you a checklist to use: Startup Business Questions Are you starting a Retail or B2B/B2G Business? How much money do you need? Do you have any money to put down? How is your personal credit? Do You have any Direct Industry Experience? How soon do you project to be cash flow...

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