Non Recourse Invoice Factoring versus Purchase Order Funding

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By a number of calls we receive at and, there is much confusion about the difference between  Non Recourse Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Funding. Let’s walk through the steps of how each one them works and what types of companies they are each applicable too. What is Non Recourse Invoice Factoring? First, Invoice Factoring is a financial agreement between your business and a factoring company for financing based on accounts receivables against cash. It...

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What is Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring?

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Non-Recourse Factoring or Factoring Without Recourse is an agreement within a factoring contract where the factor’s client does not have to pay back the factoring company if an invoice is not specifically paid due to bankruptcy of the client’s customer (the Account Debtor) under an invoice with credit protection in place. BusinessCash offers credit protection as part of our non-recourse program. PDF DOWNLOAD: How Non Recourse Factoring Works – 2.5 megs  What Are the...

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Non-Recourse Receivables Factoring vs Invoice Discounting

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Many businesses that face a shortage of cash for working capital purposes can benefit from non-recourse receivables factoring or invoice discounting. Both forms of financing provide immediate cash against your receivables so that you don’t need to wait until your customers pay down their invoices, which could be as long as 60 to 90 days, or even longer in some cases. Factoring Factoring represents the sale of your receivables to a financing or factoring firm. The factor evaluates the...

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Invoice Factoring Terminology

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Whether you have used Invoice Factoring in the past to fund your working capital needs or are researching to see if the factoring of your company’s invoices is right for you, it is important to understand Invoice Factoring Terminology so you can be a well-educated business owner. has created this Glossary for your use. First, what is Invoice factoring? It is the selling or assigning of your unpaid invoices to creditworthy clients to a Factoring Company. Once your...

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Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing Companies

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Invoice factoring for Florida manufacturing companies can often be a silver bullet for their growing working capital needs.   Manufacturers are suppliers for larger companies which is ideal when leveraging accounts receivables for fast funding.    Factoring companies look at the credit of a manufacturer’s larger client and don’t put much weight on the personal credit of the manufacturers themselves.     Companies from Miami to Jacksonville can benefit greatly when factoring...

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