Federal Government Factoring and PO Funding of Government Contracts

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The complexities of dealing with the federal government factoring and PO funding of government contracts are more complicated than the financing of private sector sales because of the stringent purchasing requirements for government agencies and strict requirements and compliance on invoicing and payments for these transactions by the government. Most factoring companies, therefore, avoid dealing with government contracts. That is where BusinessCash is different. We understand the requirements...

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What Are Vendor Guarantees?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Business Tools, Government Factoring, Purchase Order Funding, Trade Finance | 1 comment

What Are Vendor Guarantees? A Vendor Guarantee or Vendor Assurance Program is when you have goods pre-sold but your credit and/or time in business will not allow you to buy the goods from your supplier. Many times a Vendor Assurance Program is also utilized with Invoice Factoring Facility. For example, you have an order to supply cleaning supplies to the government. Your supplier wants to be paid in advance or a guarantee that they will get paid. An invoice factoring company knowing that they...

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