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Pennsylvania to Texas: US Oil and Gas Industry Factoring and Financing

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Oil and Energy Factoring | 0 comments

Pennsylvania to Texas:  US Oil and Gas Industry Factoring and Financing

The US oil and gas industry is experiencing a transformation and huge growth spurt because of new technologies.  From Pennsylvania to California to Texas the boom has created enormous financial and business opportunity for small business suppliers in the Oil and Gas sectors.    In order to take advantage your business needs to have the proper amount of working capital. Since 1998 BusinessCash has been offering the oil, gas and energy industry receivable financing and purchase order factoring programs boosting working capital to small...

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Government PO Financing for Contractors

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Purchase Order Financing | 0 comments

Government PO Financing for Contractors

BusinessCash has been helping government contractors meet their working capital needs since 1998. Our government PO financing programs help your business succeed. BusinessCash understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and dealing with government red tape. Government contract factoring is for both local, state and federal contracts in the USA. We fund a large variety of industry such as IT staffing, lawn contracts, GCs, demolition, painters, concrete, HVAC, paving and site preparation companies; just to name a few. Don’t assume...

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Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Posted by on Aug 25, 2013 in Business Tools | 0 comments

Are you are a product importer, jobber, reseller or distributor?  Do you need capital to deliver a large purchase order?  Purchase order financing is an excellent factoring program that allows your business to obtain the working capital you need to deliver your orders.  Purchase order funding is all about growing your business in ways that were not previously possible. Benefits of Purchase Order Financing PO Financing is not a loan PO Financing Pays Your Suppliers or gives them Payment Guarantees PO Financing allows you to take on...

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International Factoring

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Business Tools, International Factoring | 0 comments

Since 1998 been offering international factoring to our exporting clients. We know the issues with exchange rates on the money, credit on overseas companies, shipping, billing and tariffs and much more. For questions just give us a call or e-mail. Get funded with international factoring today! Call 866-598-4295 or use the fast, safe & secure online-funding...

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Purchase Order Financing and PO Funding

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Business Tools, Non Recourse factoring, Recourse Factoring | 0 comments

What is Purchase Order Financing and PO Funding? Is it applicable to your business? Since 1998 we have been offering this service to our clients in addition to our invoice financing product. If you are selling a product in its same state – let’s say you’re buying hard goods like t-shirts, cell phones, or steel. In this case, we can offer purchase order financing and PO funding. Many times it’s a product that is a consumer good. How PO Financing and Purchase Order Funding Works? PO funding works through a vendor...

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