Receivables Factoring for Machine Shops

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Today machine shops are CNC(Computer Numerical Control) using CAD and CAM software as vital production aspects of making precision parts. Machined metal & amp; plastic parts are made for the aerospace, automotive, computer and electronics, construction equipment, defense, medical, military, optical, and telecommunications industries. From Cincinnati Ohio to San Antonio Texas the industry employs over 78,000 people with $12,724,421,000 in shipments. For precision, machined products industry...

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Government Contract Invoice Factoring

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Here are several reasons you want to use invoice factoring, purchase order financing and credit protection for your company and government contracts: BusinessCash understands the FAR We work with start-ups and clients that have concentration issues. Credit protection is offered with all of our products. You’re not getting paid fast enough. You need working capital to pay for labor, raw materials and equipment. You need to get cash Fast. Fast Funding for Government Contractors!...

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Aerospace/Aircraft Parts Supplier Factoring

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The aircraft parts industry is part of the aerospace parts market.   This includes: List price reference providers such as StraightAERO or AvREF. Manufacturing such as Boeing, Airbus or Meggitt. Aircraft assemblies, aircraft engine components such as Rolls-Royce plc, General Electric. Equipment and parts such as Thales, Teledyne, Gables Engineering, Timken Aircraft parts suppliers of engines and engine parts, as well as fuselage, propeller and rotor, landing gear, electric and...

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Factoring for Pallet Manufacturers

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For over 20 years we have been helping fund pallet manufacturers and resellers throughout the United States.   There are 1.8 billion pallets in service in the United States composed mainly of wood along with composite materials and plastics.   At BusinessCash we understand and enjoy working with your business.  Be it food grade, the normal 40×48 they use in the food industry, mineral fillers they put on pallets, import and export.  Whatever size you as a reseller, rebuilding or...

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Account Receivables Factoring, PO Funding for the Firearms Industry

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Account receivables factoring, work in process funding, purchase order financing and credit protection are all great funding options for the firearms industry.   These funding options are based on your clients’ creditworthiness, not your own companies.   This opens up funding to the unbankable because of IRS issues, concentration issues, start-ups, turnarounds and other challenging situations.  You can receive up to 92% of the invoice amount within days of starting the...

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