Shark Tank (Private Equity) versus PO Funding and Receivables Factoring

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in Alternative Financing | 2 comments

Shark Tank is a TV show with almost eight million weekly viewers not counting the streaming viewers. One of the “Shark” Investors, Kevin O’Leary likes to call it venture capital on steroids.  Everybody knows that the deals that happen on Shark Tank don’t always come to fruition. Shark Tank investors have their “people” look into the deal and often times the deal will change drastically. Sometimes the deals don’t even happen at all. The bottom line is that...

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Non-recourse Accounts Receivable Factoring for Oil and Gas Suppliers

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Non-Recourse Accounts Receivable Factoring | 0 comments

From Bismarck North Dakota to San Antonio Texas, Oil and Gas companies and suppliers are experiencing a huge shift in commodity prices.    Yet, America’s oil production continues to rise.  Oil producers and suppliers have transformed themselves into nimble high-tech manufacturers that can adapt on a dime to outside forces.    Funding tools such as non-recourse accounts receivable factoring give oil and gas suppliers the working capital they need to continue doing business as...

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Invoice Factoring for Manufacturing Companies

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Manufacturer Financing | 1 comment

Invoice factoring for Florida manufacturing companies can often be a silver bullet for their growing working capital needs.   Manufacturers are suppliers for larger companies which is ideal when leveraging accounts receivables for fast funding.    Factoring companies look at the credit of a manufacturer’s larger client and don’t put much weight on the personal credit of the manufacturers themselves.     Companies from Miami to Jacksonville can benefit greatly when factoring...

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Receivables Factoring for Machine Shops

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Today machine shops are CNC(Computer Numerical Control) using CAD and CAM software as vital production aspects of making precision parts. Machined metal & amp; plastic parts are made for the aerospace, automotive, computer and electronics, construction equipment, defense, medical, military, optical, and telecommunications industries. From Cincinnati Ohio to San Antonio Texas the industry employs over 78,000 people with $12,724,421,000 in shipments. For precision, machined products industry...

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Government Contract Invoice Factoring

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Here are several reasons you want to use invoice factoring, purchase order financing and credit protection for your company and government contracts: BusinessCash understands the FAR We work with start-ups and clients that have concentration issues. Credit protection is offered with all of our products. You’re not getting paid fast enough. You need working capital to pay for labor, raw materials and equipment. You need to get cash Fast. Fast Funding for Government Contractors!...

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