Increasing Small Business Opportunities: GSA’s OS3

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A new GSA contract OS3 is set to save a hundred million dollars or more on an office supply strategies.  Small businesses need to be registered in System for Award Management (SAM) in order to be eligible to bid. Check out more about the GSA OS3 contract here Want to increase your business’ opportunities? Call 866-598-4295 or use the fast, safe & secure online-funding...

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Factoring Furniture Companies

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Since 2009 new furniture industry orders have increased up to 6 percent every year. As of 2012, orders were up 16.5 percent from 2009 and up 1.38 percent from 2008. This growth is expected to continue. Furniture companies have seen consistent increases in sales and profits, a report from ABTV found. More and more companies are starting to resume US domestic furniture-making. With this growth comes the need for working capital. Growing your furniture business has never been easier with...

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Factoring Janitor Services Companies

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BusinessCash understands the needs of janitorial service companies. We understand you are constantly invoicing your larger clients. This in itself can create headaches if and when your customers do not pay on time. Meeting payroll, buying supplies is a serious challenge when cash flow comes to a halt. Since 1998 BusinessCash has been funding the needs of the janitorial cleaning industry. We offer cleaning and janitorial service companies working capital solutions through the Invoice Factoring...

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Factoring Wine, Beer & Spirit Beverage Companies

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BusinessCash understands the wine, spirits and beer industry.    We understand the State-to-State laws and what it means for your operations. It is often difficult for producers/importers to fund monthly operations since working capital is tied up in accounts receivables and inventory, and payment schedules of distributors lag the expense schedules of producers. Since 1998 BusinessCash has been funding the needs of the beer, wine and spirit industry. We offer microbrewery, brewery, wine and...

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Factoring for Printing Companies

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Receivable factoring for the printing industry. BusinessCash has been helping printing companies and everyone in the printing industry since 1998. We understand your industry and the challenges you face. The last few years many of the traditional clients of printers; real estate, developers and everyone associated with that are hurting. We understand the creditworthiness of your clients and how difficult credit is. Our advance rates for printers are often over 92%. We understand you are dealing...

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