How to Finance your Small Business when Saddled with Bad Credit

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At very minimum, 30% of Americans have poor credit. If you are sitting in between two people, look to your left, and then a look to your right. Odds are, one of you has a poor credit report following you around or no credit at all! Even worse, according to a recent report from the Corporation for Enterprise Development, it is possible that Americans have even worse credit than previously believed. Per their latest report on citizens being excluded from the financial mainstream, 56% of consumers...

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How to Get Business Loans with Bad Credit

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Business Has Bad Credit? Infuse Your Business With Cash! In the cutthroat world of small business funding, a bad credit score is a scarlet letter that warns all business lenders to stay away. You can take steps to improve your credit, but this takes time, time that you might not have. If you can’t get a business line of credit and feel like your small business is stuck because of a bad credit score, there are still options for you. Do not give in and take a high-interest cash advance loan...

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Financing for Beer, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers, Suppliers & Distributors

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Beer, wine and spirit distributors, wholesalers and suppliers work with multiple companies across the US and the world. Businesses like Young’s Marketing Company and Southern Wine & Spirits leverage their shear size to manage their working capital. How about the smaller guys?  What happens when they get their working capital tied up in accounts receivables and inventory. Payment along the supply chain can get stalled 30-60 days. What financing and funding opportunities are there...

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Invoice Factoring and Credit Insurance

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In today’s continually changing business world, traditional credit control practices are oftentimes not able to guarantee protection against loss or even bankruptcy.  Newer credit management tools such as credit insurance and invoice factoring are becoming the mainstream of today’s small business culture, giving companies a way to maintain profitability and protection of Accounts Receivable.  The accounts receivable can be the most vulnerable part of a business whether the company is...

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What is Credit Card Receivables Financing?

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Credit card receivables financing is a form of accounts receivable factoring, utilizing a merchant’s cash flow from credit card sales or banking accounts cash flows. Cash is advanced to the business and a system is set up to repay the cash advance through withholding from credit card transactions – repaying a portion of the cash advance every time a customer makes a purchase. Does your business qualify for credit card receivables financing? Do your customers use credit cards to...

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