How to start a Cleaning or Janitorial Service Company

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Outsourcing is growing in the US. A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that 5 of the top 20 employers in the world in terms of headcount were outsourcing companies. Every size company outsources needed services including their cleaning and janitorial needs. If you do not want to take unnecessary risks, generate quick revenue, and build a profitable business, a Janitorial or Cleaning Service Company is a great entrepreneurial choice. Another attraction to this business venture is the...

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How to Choose a Staffing Factoring Company

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Staffing Factoring is a subset of Invoice Factoring with a twist. When picking the right staffing factoring company for your business, critical questions need to be answered: Staffing expertise: As the owner of a temp staffing agency you understand the nuances of your business. Workman’s Comp, relentless cash flow needs, matching the right person with the right job, proper job classifications- The variables to manage are relentless! You need an accounts receivable financing company who...

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Picking the Best Manufacturer Finance Company

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Picking the best manufacturer finance company can be a challenge. There are many intricate factors involved and understanding them isn’t easy. Below are the major issues that must be understood to pick the proper finance company for your specific manufacturing business. At times, the best solution is not always the easiest. Your specific industry It’s crucial that the finance company has deep expertise in your manufacturing process and best industry practices to help optimize efficiency,...

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How a Receivable Loan Can Help Your Company

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If you run a business that provides goods or services and then invoice your customers, you already know the difficulties that waiting for your money can bring about. Even in good times, certain companies wait 30, 60, or even 90 days before they are paid. In some cases, the wait can be longer. These long delays can have a real effect on a company’s cash flow and its own ability to pay its bills and payroll. This is when taking out a receivable loan can help. A receivable loan, also known...

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