Bad Credit Business Loans

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For a small to medium enterprise (SME), obtaining a loan through traditional lenders, such as banks, can be a tedious and often unfruitful task simply because your company does not have the background or large transactions to prove an interest to banks. However, if your business has bad credit, receiving a loan through traditional lenders jumps from “often unfruitful” to “nearly impossible.” Instead, your business must turn to untraditional lenders who can help you obtain funding. A...

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What is Credit Card Receivables Financing?

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Credit card receivables financing is a form of accounts receivable factoring, utilizing a merchant’s cash flow from credit card sales or banking accounts cash flows. Cash is advanced to the business and a system is set up to repay the cash advance through withholding from credit card transactions – repaying a portion of the cash advance every time a customer makes a purchase. Does your business qualify for credit card receivables financing? Do your customers use credit cards to...

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