Why Factoring Companies can be Better than Banks for Small Businesses

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You own a small business, one that you have worked hard to ensure has happy customers, quality products, and excellent service. Now, because of all your hard work, you are finally getting the recognition you deserve- your small business is growing rapidly- reaching new clientele and expanding your product lines, along with your profit margins. However, growth can be expensive, and you need capital to reach your full potential. As a small business owner, you have a wide variety of options...

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Bank Factoring

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Bank Factoring The nature of bank lending practices often puts bankers in the position of having to turn down a business loan application – even from a current client – because the client’s balance sheet is overextended, it does not have any further available collateral to increase its line of credit, or for other reasons. Often, bank clients may wish to use invoice or receivables factoring as a way to raise additional cash for working capital, business...

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