Bid on Request for Proposals (RFP) with AR Financing & PO Funding

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Bidding success is the major key driver for companies of all sizes. When making bidding and pricing decisions, it is crucial for companies to ensure that the outcome is to be positive on their general performance. Either the business offers services or goods, it needs to have the right quality for its targeted customers; meaning that before the final product or service is delivered to the end customers, the quality process needs to be reviewed and validated. In fact, a good quality good or...

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Single Client AR Factoring: Your solution to cash flow problems

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The primary challenge of running any business is to keep a consistent cash flow running. In fact, some businesses are more vulnerable than others to cash flows problems. It’s a common dilemma for small and mid-sized companies as they usually find themselves lacking enough working capital to fill a second large order when they have already fulfilled the first one and awaiting payment. Even more problematic is companies that rely on one or two large clients for their revenues are limited in...

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Staffing Industry Continues to Boom

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A shining light in the U.S. economy is the temporary staffing industry. A new report by CareerBuilder shows temporary staffing growing 57 percent between 2009 and 2014. The U.S. temp staffing industry is predicted to grow 6% in 2015 and 5% in 2016. All the talk about the labor market making a fundamental shift to temp jobs is turning out to be a reality. The continued growth is obviously great news for the staffing industry. Staffing firms employed nearly 3.3 million temporary and contract...

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2015 Outlook: Accounts Receivable Factoring Can Help Fund Anticipated Growth

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More Funding Needed for Expected Growth Small businesses are anticipating some solid growth in 2015. One survey showed that 58% of small business respondents anticipate sales growth this year. But with the growth, additional funding is needed. In the same survey, 41% reported they will need external funding to continue to grow. That result is indicative of the needs of small businesses overall in maintaining a growth trajectory. Many small businesses have significant proportions of their assets...

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Factoring for Technology Companies

Posted by on Jan 14, 2015 in Technology Financing | 3 comments

Technology IT companies are experiencing a long period of growth and often use temporary staffing companies to fulfill their needs.   Over the last 14 years, IT employment has increased more than 41%, compared to just 3.3% for total employment. IT temporary staffing is projected to grow another 7% in 2015 and reach $27.8 billion.  This means big business for tech companies and it also means they need to be prepared with the proper working capital in order to take advantage of the continued...

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