General Electric, Wal-Mart Stores Inc & Hewlett-Packard Co Are Teaming up with Suppliers

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Big companies such as General Electric, Wal-Mart Stores Inc & Hewlett-Packard Co are stepping up efforts to trim environmental risks in supply chains.  They are creating programs to work with their suppliers on reducing risks from the environment, health, safety, labor rights, security and human rights.   The companies are working on ways to improve environmental performance including reducing waste and water use in its supply chain.  The big companies are realizing that climate...

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Construction Supply Factoring

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Financing and factoring for construction supply companies.   Great news, construction in America is coming back.  You can finally start growing your business construction supply business again.   It’s been a tough last few years.  Maybe your line of credit has been shrunk or non-existent.  We at can help you finance and advance up to 92% through invoice factoring or purchase order financing.   This is crucial to get the materials you need to fulfill orders....

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What is a Supplier or Vendor Assurance Program?

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Inventory Finance, Purchase Order Funding, Supplier Financing, Vendor Guarantee | 0 comments offers Supplier or Vendor Assurance Programs. What exactly does that mean? As a wholesaler, importer or distributor, many times you will have an order from a client that is beyond your credit limit with your suppliers. can use our creditworthiness to entice your vendors to release the goods so you can fulfill that large order that normally you would have to pass one. Vendor guarantees are a product that we offer as an alternative to what is more commonly known...

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