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Thinking about Selling Equity in your company à la Shark Tank vs. Invoice Factoring or PO Funding. Here are real answers about Shark Tank alternatives to giving up equity in your company versus using non-recourse invoice factoring and PO funding without ownership dilution to grow your business.

Shark Tank vs PO Funding

Shark Tank (Private Equity) versus PO Funding and Receivables Factoring

Shark Tank is a TV show with almost eight million weekly viewers, not counting the streaming viewers. One of the “Shark” Investors, Kevin O’Leary, likes to call it to venture capital on steroids.  Everybody knows that the deals that happen on Shark Tank don’t always come to fruition. Shark Tank investors have their “people” look into the deal, and often the deal will change drastically. Sometimes the deals don’t even happen at all. The bottom line is that it’s a show for entertainment purposes. However, Shark Tank does have some merit helping businesses succeed, but at what cost?

If a business owner enters the shark tank looking for a strategic business partner and they walk away with a deal, they’re in great hands. Add that to the exposure they get for being on the show. Not to mention if the deal works out well for both parties involved. However, what about the people who go on Shark Tank because they do not have the money to fill their orders, and the banks won’t give them a loan? Is being forced to sell a chunk of their company forever really the best way?

You see, the percentage of businesses that get approved to go on Shark Tank that is looking for strategic business partners has dropped drastically. A lot of the companies are already successful and have achieved hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in sales. A large portion of the businesses we see now grew too quickly. And unfortunately, they don’t have that working capital that they need to fill their orders. Also, a lot of these business owners are new to the business world and don’t know how to get the financing they need. All they know is that they have a successful product or service. That’s when they are ripe for a “shark” to take advantage of them.

Many business owners turn to the only thing they know how to do. When new business owners can’t fill their orders, and the banks won’t give them a loan, they sell off a piece of the company they worked so hard to build to get funding. It’s actually pretty sad. Most of the time, a bank won’t even give a loan to a business that’s less than two years old.

Business owners need to know that they don’t have to sell a piece of their business in every situation to get the capital they need. will fund a company based on the creditworthiness of their customers. This gives new business owners the capital they need to fill orders. They can even grow their company without selling off their business to greedy investors. provides AR Management Services as well as credit protection for businesses. In the long run, the market is better protected. Also, the cost is far less than selling off a piece of business forever. Using a PO funding and accounts receivable factoring company like protects your business from those who would profit off of a company’s explosive growth. has many business experts with direct knowledge in the specific industries they fund. Not only that, they have access to other businesses that have gone through the same kind of growth. This advice is priceless and can only be provided by people who have been in the exact situation. While the “sharks” have a lot of industry experience in general, has the industry-specific vendor and AR credit/collection that business owners need to know.

Another Shark Tank investor, Barbara Corcoran, has spelled out how she had to learn the food industry to help some of the businesses she invested in. Those businesses felt every growing pain. BusinessCash can help you avoid unnecessary struggles with deep funding and industry knowledge. It’s valuable advice that doesn’t cost you a chunk of your business.

Why dilute the equity in your business? We have been providing receivable financing, purchase order funding, credit protection, and AR management for over 20 years.

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