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Uncertain times, increased risk and liability to government and business have created a greater need for security services, with more and more industries employing outside security personnel, both for data and physical risk management. There are three most common goals of security services. These are put together to protect clients and employees, to guard physical assets against damage and theft, and to avoid cyber/identity theft. From a physical perspective, the trend in the industry has moved more to licensed or certified staff. This makes the use of staffing services more attractive, as they concentrate directly on security concerns.

Challenges for Security Guard Staffing Industry

Challenges of Security Guard Staffing Industry

Service industries with physical locations (such as schools at all levels including higher education, financial institutions, residential neighborhoods, transit providers, leisure facilities, government facilities, and healthcare) commonly have needs for protective services. Public concerns about crime and terrorism have fueled the demand for trained security professionals to achieve and maintain public confidence in their environment.

Natural resource-related industries are a fast-growing segment of our economy. Specifically in oil and gas producers, nuclear facilities, related shipping concerns, and mining operations. They all share the need to protect assets and employees. Offsite security, mostly remote monitoring, is being more widely used — security personnel monitor cameras and data to protect both electronic and physical assets. Public concern with identity security has raised the bar considerably for businesses to protect their customers and their own identity, creating a new hybrid group of specialized consultants.

Staffing Factoring at

With a wider range of clients hiring security guards, there is a greater need for qualified agencies. Such agencies will screen candidates and keep an adequate supply of guards. Many expect guards to perform a wider variety of duties in addition to their primary function of safety. There is a higher demand for specialized services, both in monitoring remote systems and understanding the specific needs of different industries. Training and skill levels have improved due to the influx of former law enforcement officers who have been displaced by dwindling public funding.

Staffing agencies are providing the guards to face their business challenges. In-house training can help their employees remain competitive, but produces pressure on the bottom line. Agencies must meet payroll and expansion needs while awaiting collection from their customers, creating a gap in liquidity. Banks are not always the most appropriate sources of working capital for service companies as they often focus on the personal assets of the owners. The majority of staffing company assets are centered in accounts receivable, making them the most relevant source of working capital. At BusinessCash, we specialize in funding payroll and growth based on accounts receivable factoring. has been providing payroll funding through accounts receivable factoring, AR management, and credit protection. This is perfect for security guard service companies for over 20 years. We will give funds in advance and at a lower rate. This is typically 92% to help meet payroll and expansion needs. You will receive the remaining balance once your customer has paid minus the low-cost fees. This source of working capital can help ease liquidity pressure for growing staffing companies, even providing same-day payroll funding.

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