How to start a Cleaning or Janitorial Service Company

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Outsourcing is growing in the US. A recent Wall Street Journal article notes that 5 of the top 20 employers in the world in terms of headcount were outsourcing companies. Every size company outsources needed services including their cleaning and janitorial needs. If you do not want to take unnecessary risks, generate quick revenue, and build a profitable business, a Janitorial or Cleaning Service Company is a great entrepreneurial choice. Another attraction to this business venture is the...

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Factoring Janitor Services Companies

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BusinessCash understands the needs of janitorial service companies. We understand you are constantly invoicing your larger clients. This in itself can create headaches if and when your customers do not pay on time. Meeting payroll, buying supplies is a serious challenge when cash flow comes to a halt. Since 1998 BusinessCash has been funding the needs of the janitorial cleaning industry. We offer cleaning and janitorial service companies working capital solutions through the Invoice Factoring...

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