Credit Insurance with factoringIn today’s continually changing business world, traditional credit control practices are oftentimes not able to guarantee protection against loss or even bankruptcy.  Newer credit management tools such as credit insurance and invoice factoring are becoming the mainstream of today’s small business culture, giving companies a way to maintain profitability and protection of Accounts Receivable.  The accounts receivable can be the most vulnerable part of a business whether the company is small or large.  For example, most companies ensure their equipment, their plant, and their assets.  Yet, they do not ensure their sales ledger, which can represent on average 40% to 45% of their assets.  As a result, blue-chip companies such as Worldcom, United Airlines, General Motors, Kmart and Lehman Brothers were faced with bankruptcy, which stung many small vendors.  Thankfully, there is a way for companies to protect themselves against the risk of the customer not paying.

BusinessCash already has their own credit protection policy.  Your receivables are then protected under our policy at no extra charge to your company.  Many do not realize this hidden benefit.

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