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Freight Bill Factoring

Factoring for Trucking Companies

There are many choices when it comes to picking the Best Trucking Factoring Company to do your Freight Bill Funding. Let us look at the key points that make it easier to work whether you are a single driver or a large fleet owner:

  • Dedicated Trucking and Freight Factoring Program

    Funding Truckers is different than funding other industry types. You need to understand the needs of truckers, freight brokers, trucking companies and their clients. We have a background in logistics and trucking.

  • Fuel Card Program

    A Factoring Company dedicated to the transportation industry will have a Fuel Card Program so your truckers can have the money available to them quickly while on the road.

  • Handle Account Billing

    You know that a Factoring Company is deeply into transportation if they offer Trucking Account Billing for its clients. For a small fee, this can be a real time-saver for you. Checks can be deposited and complete computerized record of your receivables can be kept. Archived copies of all invoices are also available.

  • Credit Services

    Included in our fees is a free credit department. There is only one thing worse than no sales, that is selling your services and not getting any payment. We can pre-approve clients for you or warn you about the poor paying potential clients.

  • Daily Funding

    We understand that you need the money yesterday. We fund every day to get you the working capital you need as fast as possible.

  • Work closely with your Clients

    You might worry that Transportation Factoring might lesson the relationship with your client, the exact opposite is true. Our friendly staff will work closely with your client’s Accounts Payable department to make sure they have all the documentation they need to pay the invoice on time thus reducing your factoring fees.

  • No hidden fees

    We are upfront about your total cost to freight bill factoring program. We also offer the highest advance rates available in the Trucking Factoring Industry.

Need help on picking a trucking factoring company? Call (888) 400-5930 or use the fast, safe & secure online funding application.

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