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Consolidate Your MCA Loans

How to Consolidate Your MCA Loans into One Lower Payment?

Are you exhausted of coping with multiple MCA bills, due dates, and interest rates?

Do you feel it’s getting more and more difficult to find an affordable financing option? Are you tired of keeping track of all debts and their payments?

Repaying multiple loans is both cumbersome and expensive. MCA or ACH consolidation is merging all your debts into one single lower-interest loan. Consolidation can lower your monthly requirement into a payment you can afford. It can simplify your financial life and make it easier to plan your budget ahead of time. Consolidation can prove to be an ideal solution which not only makes you more capable of repaying the debt but also improves your cash flow.

Why consolidate your MCA or ACH loans into one lower payment?

  • You can save money with a lower interest rate.
  • It makes your life easier as you would have one repayment
  • You can enjoy extended repayment terms
  • You can get rid of costly fees, interest rates, taxes, and late payment charges
  • Improve your current cash flow
  • Improve your credit score due to reduced credit utilization ratio
  • Focus on what matters most

How do I consolidate MCA or ACH loans?

Once you decide that consolidation is what you are looking for, the next question is how to go about it. You can consolidate your short term, multiple loans into one loan through an SBA loan, or various alternative debt consolidation loans. The SBA doesn’t provide the loan but instead guarantees a certain percentage of the SBA lender’s losses should a small business default on their loan. Alternate debt consolidation is an excellent option to consider for businesses that could not meet the requirements of traditional bank financing or SBA funding. Alternative lenders tend to look at more than just a company’s credit score and debt-service-coverage-ratio to determine whether to fund a company. They also look at a company’s current cash flow and other metrics that banks and SBA lenders don’t check.

Remember though that before you get down to consolidating your short-term multiple loans into one, ask you whether it’s worth it. Compare your current liabilities and terms of loans with what you will get from the new loan. Ascertain that refinancing is a sensible decision for your company.

You can check your eligibility for alternative funding at We can help you explore the best possible options available.

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