government contract factoringBusinessCash has been helping government contractors meet their working capital needs since 1998. Our government PO financing programs help your business succeed. BusinessCash understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and dealing with government red tape. Government contract factoring is for both local, state and federal contracts in the USA.

We fund a large variety of industry such as IT staffing, lawn contracts, GCs, demolition, painters, concrete, HVAC, paving and site preparation companies; just to name a few.

Don’t assume you will be turned down if you don’t have great credit, have tax liens, been bankrupt or slow pays. We look at the creditworthiness of your government client, not your credit.

Let BusinessCash’s help you work through your cash flow problems leveraging factoring programs with dynamic cash flow PO financing programs.

The majority of federal, state and city govt entities are creditworthy which makes them perfect for factoring.  Plus they buy nearly every product and service the US has to offer.

Some government contractor tips for landing jobs and financing:

  • Bid a realistic margin.  Too many times companies will bid much too low and only have 5-7% gross margin just to get the relationship.   On the next round of bidding when they raise it to 20-30-40% gross margin they lose out on the bid.
  • Don’t give your services away. The only one thing worse than no sales is selling at a loss.
  • Often times you will need to prove your financial capabilities to the Government. BusinessCash will supply you with a letter of financial capabilities to show your more than adequate invoice factoring, accounts receivable funding or finance facility.   We also make sure the government entity is comfortable with your working capital.
  • FAR is part of government agreements allowing for the financing of contracts. We are experts in this area.

Need working capital to sell to the government today? Call 866-598-4295 or use the fast, safe & secure online-funding application.

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