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Rapid Growth Funding through Non-Recourse AR Financing

Steady or fast growth is the primary goal of any young business owner. When and if those growth opportunities arise, do you have the resources in place to move forward? It may not seem like it, but growing too rapidly can be a death blow to a young company. Most young companies lack the experience, planning ability, and insight to properly navigate rapid growth.

As you know, cash is king, and most start-ups are not flush with working capital. You may currently have a line of credit with a bank, but is it enough? Your growing company must have proper financial plans for growth. A great place to start is understanding how non-recourse accounts receivable financing and purchase order funding programs can help maintain positive working capital.

Chances are unless you’re a seasoned business with a proven track record and good corporate credit, banks won’t talk to you. Only 20% of small businesses are approved for a loan with the bank in the first place. With a lot of small to medium size companies, their only viable asset is the larger client and the account receivables they currently have outstanding. With that kind of a balance sheet, it’s challenging to find the funds necessary to grow your business.

At BusinessCash, working with fast-growing companies is what we enjoy doing. Either through invoice factoring or purchase order financing programs, we inject your business with the fresh capital it needs to break through the stagnant barrier and advance you into that next stage of growth. Plus, it’s non-recourse meaning its credit protected reducing risk to you.

If you work with creditworthy customers, we can advance you up to 92% on your current outstanding invoices. You will receive the remaining balance once your customer has paid minus low-cost fees. We will wait for 45-60 days for your customers to pay. No longer will you have to turn down contracts or large orders because you are under-capitalized!

Is hyper growth scaring your bank? Ready to get funding by someone who embraces fast sales growth? Call (888) 400-5930 or use the fast, safe & secure online funding application.

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