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Top 10 US Imports from China

China’s exports to the US totaled $486.3 billion or 20.2% of its overall imports.

1. Electronic equipment: $129.8 billion
2. Machines, engines, pumps: $108.1 billion
3. Furniture, lighting, signs: $28 billion
4. Toys, games: $23.7 billion
5. Shoes & Footwear: $17.8 billion
6. Knit or crochet clothing: $16.7 billion
7. Clothing (not knit or crochet): $14.9 billion
8. Plastics: $14.9 billion
9. Vehicles: $12.2 billion
10. Medical, technical equipment: $10.6 billion

* Data source: Trade Map, International Trade Centre,

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