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Factoring Furniture Companies

Since 2009 new furniture industry orders have increased up to 6 percent every year. As of 2012, orders were up 16.5 percent from 2009 and up 1.38 percent from 2008. This growth is expected to continue. Furniture companies have seen consistent increases in sales and profits, a report from ABTV found. More and more companies are starting to resume US domestic furniture-making.

With this growth comes the need for working capital. Growing your furniture business has never been easier with financing tools such as receivable factoring, purchase order financing, and invoice financing. BusinessCash offers furniture companies a steady stream of cash through their financing programs. Waiting 30-60 days for payment simply does not allow for a proper flow of working capital. With BusinessCash’s financing programs, you often receive payment immediately upon invoicing. Allowing you will have the money to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers.

BusinessCash works with furniture companies with all kinds of situations, including:
• Tax liens and other IRS issues
• Start-up furniture companies
• Furniture companies that have been turned down by the bank
• Limited amounts of credit
• High concentration issues
• many more

Fast funding for furniture companies! Call 866-598-4295 or use the fast, safe & secure online-funding application.

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