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We have proudly funded the District of Columbia with Invoice Factoring and PO Funding since 1998. We understand the unique cash flow needs of DC-based companies many with a focus on government contracts.

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In 2012, the federal government accounted for about 29% of the jobs in Washington, D.C. This is thought to immunize Washington to national economic downturns because the federal government continues operations even during recessions.   Many organizations such as law firms, independent contractors (both defense and civilian), non-profit organizations, lobbying firms, trade unions, industry trade groups, and professional associations have their headquarters in or near D.C. to be close to the federal government.

Tourism is Washington’s second largest industry. Approximately 18.9 million visitors contributed an estimated $4.8 billion to the local economy in 2012.[120] The District also hosts nearly 200 foreign embassies and international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization of American States, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Pan American Health Organization. In 2008, the foreign diplomatic corps in Washington employed about 10,000 people and contributed an estimated $400 million annually to the local economy.

The District has growing industries not directly related to government, especially in the areas of education, finance, public policy, and scientific research. Georgetown University, George Washington University, Washington Hospital Center, Children’s National Medical Center, and Howard University are the top five non-government-related employers in the city as of 2009.   According to statistics compiled in 2011, four of the largest 500 companies in the country were headquartered in the District.

Here is a list of just some of the Florida locations and client types we have helped with their Working Capital Needs and the Factoring Services we provided:

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