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British Columbia Invoice Factoring

Need working capital now? Can’t wait 30 or 60 days for your Accounts Receivable to Pay? We can help.

  • You can get up to 92% cash advance
  • Fast and easy financing in as little as 24 hours
  • Bad credit? No problem. We look at the credit of your client, not yours
  • Tax issues? You can be financed
  • Credit protection with every factoring program

Since 1998 we have proudly served British Columbia with Accounts Receivable Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Funding.

Purchase Order Funding

British Columbia has a resource dominated economy, centered on the forestry industry but also with increasing importance in mining. New jobs are mostly in the construction and retail/service sectors. With its film industry known as Hollywood North, the Vancouver region is the third-largest feature film production location in North America, after Los Angeles and New York City.

Here is a list of just some of the British Columbia client types we have helped with their Working Capital Needs and the Factoring Services we provided:

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