Purchase Order Funding & Vendor Guarantees: Your Fast Way to Constant Working Capital

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Satisfied customers are vital for any company to survive in the business world. In order to keep your customers happy, you need not only to have impeccable service but also the required goods available just in time (JIT). If you are a product reseller or distributor and need capital to deliver a large purchase order, then Purchase Order Financing, referred to as PO Funding, can be a solution to fuel your business, deliver your orders and grow your business. PO funding gives you the ability to...

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Account Receivables Factoring, PO Funding for the Firearms Industry

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Account receivables factoring, work in process funding, purchase order financing and credit protection are all great funding options for the firearms industry.   These funding options are based on your clients’ creditworthiness, not your own companies.   This opens up funding to the unbankable because of IRS issues, concentration issues, start-ups, turnarounds and other challenging situations.  You can receive up to 92% of the invoice amount within days of starting the...

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Government PO Financing for Contractors

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BusinessCash has been helping government contractors meet their working capital needs since 1998. Our government PO financing programs help your business succeed. BusinessCash understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and dealing with government red tape. Government contract factoring is for both local, state and federal contracts in the USA. We fund a large variety of industry such as IT staffing, lawn contracts, GCs, demolition, painters, concrete, HVAC, paving and site preparation...

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