Financing for Oil/Gas/Energy Suppliers

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Christi Craddick, Texas’ top energy regulator knows the cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas represent 40 percent of the state’s economy, and producers supplied a record $15.7-billion in the state, local taxes and royalties in 2014. “We don’t know yet” how hard the state will be hit, Ms. Craddick said in an interview at the Texas Railroad Commission in Austin. “But Texas is well positioned to weather the storm specifically because we have the infrastructure,...

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Renewable Energy Financing

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Renewable green energy is growing rapidly.    Taken together, hydroelectric and other sources—biomass, geothermal, solar and wind – combined to total 12% of U.S. electricity production last year, and close to 14% so far this year. The entire nuclear fleet provides about 19%. With the growth of green energy comes profitable opportunities for the entire supplier chain.   With these opportunities also comes upfront expense. Funding becomes crucial for companies to take on new clients,...

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The Oil and Gas Boom

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The impact of the oil & gas boom affects a myriad of industries and suppliers. The oil and gas boom is producing millions of jobs with the hydrocarbon sector creating jobs faster than Silicon Valley according to Investors Business Daily. Employment is up 40% in the oil and gas fields since the recession began in late 2007. Every one of the 10 states like Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota where hydrocarbon production is increasing, overall employment growth has outpaced the nation....

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Smaller Companies are Winning the Oil and Gas Boom

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ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell haven’t capitalized on any of the several industry tailwinds that should seem to pave the way for solid growth. Meanwhile, smaller competitors seem to be stealing Big Oil’s thunder when it comes to the oil and gas revolution in the United States. While it may be customary to assume Big Oil as the primary profiteers from the domestic oil and gas boom, smaller companies are simply outperforming their bigger brethren.  ExxonMobil’s...

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Invoice Factoring for Oil and Gas Vendors

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The oil and gas industry is booming across the United States from Louisiana to Kentucky to New York.  Vendors and suppliers to the big boys in oil and gas are in a fantastic position to grow their companies.   With this growth comes working capital challenges and making sure your company remains profitable.  BusinessCash has been working with oil, gas and energy vendors for over 20 years.  We know your challenges, we know what it takes to get you the working capital you need for staffing,...

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PO Financing and Receivable Financing for Oil, Gas and Energy Suppliers

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Oil and Natural Gas exploration are now at record highs and are expected to stay that way for decades to come. States such as Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, California, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Dakota and Ohio are feeling the economic surge from the additional energy production.    For 20 years we’ve been funding suppliers to the oil and gas industries with our PO financing and receivable financing cash flow programs.  Everyone from water haulers, frac sand haulers,...

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