Benefits of Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring in the Textile Industries

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Companies in the textile, apparel and related industries typically find themselves in the position of requiring cash infusions to meet their working capital needs as they await payment from their customers. In recent years, invoice payments by customers have tended to be slower than in the past, putting added pressure on textile and apparel firms that must meet the costs of payroll, other operating expenses and inventory on a regular basis to maintain their operations. For many years, textile...

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Wine Import and Export Financing

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BusinessCash announces an increase in accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing services for their wine industry import and export clients in from 2015 to 2017. The wine importers and exporters have expressed an increased need for working capital because of product demand growth and the time lag between the production, distribution and final payment by their customers.  Wine importers and exporters are pointing to premium wine brand demand as the main reason for the...

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Factoring Importers – Goods from China

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America imports more goods from China than any other country in the world. BusinessCash is known for its effective funding solutions programs for importers. From purchase order financing to invoice factoring to credit protection, successfully factoring importers is what we do. BusinessCash has over 20 years of experience providing importers working capital. Call 866-598-4295 today, fill-out the form to the right or chat with us. Top 10 US Imports from China China’s exports to the...

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Factoring for Importers

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Importers and imports are a huge part of the US economy – $2.275 trillion worth in fact. The largest is industrial machinery and equipment at $731 billion and about half is crude oil and related oil, gas and energy products.   Other large industrial imports are iron and steel products, chemicals and fertilizers. The second largest import capital goods come in at $731 billion which includes computers, computer accessories, and telecommunications equipment.  Consumer goods are 3rd with...

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