Understanding Factoring Rates

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What is the key to Understanding Factoring Rates?  Many business owners attempt to compare APR interest rates to invoice factoring rates. The problem is twofold. One, the best factoring company’s rates include Accounts Receivable Management, Credit Services and Credit Protection and two, a bank only helps the most creditworthy company with typically 3 years of proven profitability. We now explain the basic factoring process in simple terms for you to understand how it works and what it would...

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Working with an Experienced Government Contract Funding Firm

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Working with the right factor or financing firm can make all the difference in factoring your government receivables or obtaining purchase order funding for government contract financing. The factoring company should not only understand the requirements of your industry, but must also be able to help you to expeditiously work within the requirements of FAR and iRapt. Many factors and financing firms are not able to deal with the complexities of the government’s requirements, and therefore...

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Federal Government Factoring and PO Funding of Government Contracts

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The complexities of dealing with the federal government factoring and PO funding of government contracts are more complicated than the financing of private sector sales because of the stringent purchasing requirements for government agencies and strict requirements and compliance on invoicing and payments for these transactions by the government. Most factoring companies, therefore, avoid dealing with government contracts. That is where BusinessCash is different. We understand the requirements...

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Government Contract Invoice Factoring

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Here are several reasons you want to use invoice factoring, purchase order financing and credit protection for your company and government contracts: BusinessCash understands the FAR We work with start-ups and clients that have concentration issues. Credit protection is offered with all of our products. You’re not getting paid fast enough. You need working capital to pay for labor, raw materials and equipment. You need to get cash Fast. Fast Funding for Government Contractors!...

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Government Raise for Federal Contractors

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What impact will the government raise for federal contractors have? Some say it will impact a few hundred thousand and some others say much less. Many government contractors already get paid more than the proposed minimum wage. So this new executive order may not affect many. When factoring in everything it all comes down to the details of who gets the raises and when they get them. Read more about the government raise for contractors here Have questions about federal contractors? Call...

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Tips for Getting Government Contracts

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Would you like to become a government contractor or subcontractor? Government contracts can be very lucrative for a small business. The following are 6 tips from Inc.com magazine: 1. Really, truly know your business. There are currently at least 31,000 federal contracting opportunities listed on the government’s clearinghouse website (more on that in a minute).  But, in a way, 31,000 is worse than zero—at least if it’s your role to comb through them all and figure out which...

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