Wine Import and Export Financing

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BusinessCash announces an increase in accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing services for their wine industry import and export clients in from 2015 to 2017. The wine importers and exporters have expressed an increased need for working capital because of product demand growth and the time lag between the production, distribution and final payment by their customers.  Wine importers and exporters are pointing to premium wine brand demand as the main reason for the...

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Top Beverage Companies of 2013

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Beverage suppliers, importers and distributors often need working capital to close important deals and keep the business operating smoothly.  At BusinessCash we offer funding programs such as invoice factoring, purchase order financing, ar management and credit protection that help your business gets the cash it needs.   We work on complex deals that other companies can not arrange.   Are you a beverage company with IRS issues, a start-up, client concentration and other challenges to...

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Factoring Wine, Beer & Spirit Beverage Companies

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BusinessCash understands the wine, spirits and beer industry. We understand the State-to-State laws and what it means for your operations. It is often difficult for producers/importers to fund monthly operations since working capital is tied up in accounts receivables and inventory, and payment schedules of distributors lag the expense schedules of producers. Since 1998 BusinessCash has been funding the needs of the beer, wine and spirit industry. We offer microbrewery, brewery, wine and...

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