Invoice Factoring is NOT a Collection Service

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It is common for most businesses, regardless of their lifecycle stage, to seek non-traditional ways when looking for financing options nowadays. Factoring is one of the most popular solutions that companies use as an alternative to bank loans. In fact, Factoring, also referred to as Account Receivables factoring or Invoice factoring, can be a great funding solution for any business looking for instant funds to fulfill its strategic goals and/or daily activities. However, the concept of invoice...

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How to Choose a Staffing Factoring Company

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Staffing Factoring is a subset of Invoice Factoring with a twist. When picking the right staffing factoring company for your business, critical questions need to be answered: Staffing expertise: As the owner of a temp staffing agency you understand the nuances of your business. Workman’s Comp, relentless cash flow needs, matching the right person with the right job, proper job classifications- The variables to manage are relentless! You need an accounts receivable financing company who...

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Factoring Fees Explained

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If you are considering utilizing Invoice Factoring to fund your B2B or B2G sales growth, it is important to understand the invoice factoring fees structure and cost to you. Different Factoring companies can charge you for their services in many different ways. What is best for you? The cash flow and other factoring benefits need to be compared to your actual cost of funds to see if you are paying truly competitive rates for this secured receivable financing form of asset-based lending. Our goal...

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Financing the Scrap Metal Industry

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Overview of Scrap Metal Industry The scrap metal industry accounts for up to 90 billion dollars in economic activity in the U.S. Companies often collect scrap metal from a variety of sources, including junk cars, old machinery, appliances, and construction waste, which enable many small companies to enter the industry and cater to a local market. Scrap metal recycling in the U.S. remains an important source of supply for developing countries that need both ferrous and nonferrous metals to...

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Invoice Factoring Terminology

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Whether you have used Invoice Factoring in the past to fund your working capital needs or are researching to see if the factoring of your company’s invoices is right for you, it is important to understand Invoice Factoring Terminology so you can be a well-educated business owner. has created this Glossary for your use. First, what is Invoice factoring? It is the selling or assigning of your unpaid invoices to creditworthy clients to a Factoring Company. Once your...

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How BusinessCash looks at an Invoice Factoring or PO Funding Deal

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BusinessCash is a forward-thinking invoice factoring and PO funding company.  You or your business’s limited credit is not the determining factor when a solution is devised for your working capital needs. BusinessCash is more concerned about where your business is going instead of where it’s been.  BusinessCash will want to get to know you and your business before funding your deal. Here are some questions that you can expect to answer and some reasons why these are...

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