Companies in the textile, apparel and related industries typically find themselves in the position of requiring cash infusions to meet their working capital needs as they await payment from their customers. In recent years, invoice payments by customers have tended to be slower than in the past, putting added pressure on textile and apparel firms that must meet the costs of payroll, other operating expenses and inventory regularly to maintain their operations.

Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring

For many years, textile industry firms have turned to factors to help meet current working needs. Indeed, an early provider of factoring in the U.S. was Walter Heller, which offered this financial product, particularly to the textile industry.

With factoring, the financing firm purchases your invoices and advances you a high percentage of the invoice face value; for example, 75% to 92%. You will receive the remaining balance once your customer has paid minus low cost fees.

In traditional factoring, the factor provides the funding as well as some assistance in collections. If a customer does not eventually pay their invoice, the textile firm is on the hook for that amount.

Non-Recourse Factoring

Non-recourse factoring provides a type of credit insurance against non-collection from customers. In this type of factoring, the financing firm provides the funding and accounts receivable management. This is along with a credit insurance component. That is, the factor assumes the credit risk of a customer’s unwillingness or inability to pay their outstanding accounts receivable.

However, not all factoring firms can provide a credit insurance component. To be able to offer credit insurance, the factor must qualify with one of the large insurers that partner with the factor by having a strong balance sheet and a good credit culture to meet the insurer’s strict guidelines. For this reason, less than 20% of factoring firms offer non-recourse factoring with credit insurance.

BusinessCash meets tough insurer’s guidelines. With non-recourse factoring, in effect, we become your de facto credit department. Each of your customers will have a pre-determined credit limit, ranging from $20,000 to $2,000,000. The pre-determined credit limit will depend on their size and credit standing.

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