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Account Receivables Factoring, PO Funding for the Firearms Industry

Account receivables factoring, work in process funding, purchase order financing and credit protection are all great funding options for the firearms industry.   These funding options are based on your clients’ creditworthiness, not your own companies.   This opens up funding to the unbankable because of IRS issues, concentration issues, start-ups, turnarounds and other challenging situations.  You can receive up to 92% of the invoice amount within days of starting the application.

Firearms are big business in America.  Companies such as Smith & Wesson, Olin Winchester, Alliant Techsystems and Ruger Corporation are all booming.  This includes but is not limited to shotguns, rifles, revolvers, pistols, machine guns and grenade launchers, small arms ammunition, other ammunition and ordnance and accessories.   Firearm and ammunition industry has a huge economic impact on the US economy as it generates federal tax, state tax and excise tax for the country, employ people, and pays wages to the citizens, which have a positive economic impact on the country.  The total economic impact is well over 37 billion dollars.

Gun manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers need cash flow in order to take advantage of the rapid growth in the industry.  They need to hire more employees, meet payroll, buy raw material and machinery.   There is so much demand that firearm manufacturers have their production going 24 hours a day and are looking at ways to increase capacity.  “We have seen dramatic, unprecedented during peacetime growth in the firearms and ammunition industry that is the direct result of consumer demand for our products in the last five years,” National Shooting Sports Foundation president and Chief Executive Officer Stephen L. Sanetti said.

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