BusinessCash is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – BusinessCash announces an expansion of their merchant cash advance or ACH loans consolidation program. The online small business loan market has been experiencing turmoil with CEO of LendingClub resigning over faulty loans and publicly traded stocks of many online lenders tumbling over 70% from their IPO pricing. A new level of caution has been raised with these fintech online lenders. Many small businesses need a way out of high-interest, multiple advances that are not serviceable because of the daily ACH payment. BusinessCash is expanding their consolidating program for these type loans and more often giving their clients one lower monthly payment.

Todd Baker, a consultant, former banker and former prominent lawyer, wrote on American Banker, “Reliance on wholesale funding will be the Achilles heel of online alternative lenders — just as it was for the paper-based finance companies that all failed, were bailed out or became part of banks in the period leading up to the 2008-2009 financial crisis.”

Chris Curtin, BusinessCash’s Founder & National Sales Manager, stated, “We have been direct funding for over 19 years to a large variety of businesses with a great track record of success. Many of these new private and publicly traded online lenders have gotten too big, too fast offering small businesses too many merchant cash advances and overburdening these businesses with unserviceable loans. Many times ACH loan borrowers are trapped in this downward spiral. We provide a vehicle allowing our clients to combine cash advances into one Non-Recourse AR facility saving them from a delicate cycle of daily debt payments.”

Small businesses with tax liens, IRS issues, start-ups or client concentration issues – all these can qualify for BusinessCash’s merchant cash advance consolidation program. BusinessCash has the leverage and experience to provide businesses funding options. Even when many other companies offering only MCA or ACH consolidation programs cannot.


Since 1998, has offered solutions to tough business working capital problems. Such includes extreme cash flow issues, rising expenses, and shrinking profit margins. From wholesalers to temporary staffing agencies; from government contractors to oil and gas industry suppliers. Business owners grow their companies through Invoice Factoring, AR Management, Credit Protection and Purchase Order Funding from To get funded now, please call (888) 400-5930 or visit

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