BusinessCash is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

MIAMI, FL –, a 24-year-old factoring company, announces the expansion of their Supply Chain Financing (SCF). SCF is also known as Reverse Invoice Factoring program. The goal of the SCF program is to allow businesses to maximize affordable liquidity. Also to improve their working capital while at the same time allowing their business to streamline invoices and payment processes. The plan gives organizations the ability to extend payment terms; or for suppliers- to receive the payment earlier. Communication between all sections of the supply chain is reorganized to include the wants of the managers of each step in the process.

Chris Curtin, the founder of BusinessCash, states, “Supply chain finance is increasingly a crucial aspect of a supplier’s funding portfolio, both in terms of a reduced financing cost as well as a strengthened relationship with their large company clients.”

For a small or medium-sized supplier, the need to organize the supply chain to give clients better pricing and availability for products is great, and supply chain financing allows for the organization and capital to do so. This extra funding occurs when a supplier’s customers sell their invoices to a lending company, and make payments to that company, giving the supplier the much-needed cash.

The program gives suppliers the ability to receive financing more easily and at less cost. Doing so allows the paying business to receive better pricing from the suppliers and less stringent payment terms. Thus, the supplier receives the extra cash that the company needs, while providing extra security. Also, the buying of businesses receive their products at an acceptable time. Generally at a lower cost.


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