BusinessCash is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – BusinessCash announces a new program for turning inventory into working capital. BusinessCash will either purchase the needed inventory for our customer or use their creditworthiness with the company’s suppliers to entice release of goods. The basis of these transactions is upon purchase orders from creditworthy commercial or Government customers. This type of credit facility provides the company with a critical inventory that is significant to create additional products for sale. Almost any kind of consumer good or products for Government use work under this program.

BusinessCash’s inventory financing program gives entrepreneurs, and their start-up companies options they may not realize are available. When a company has new large orders, they seldom have the working capital to fulfill the quantity needed successfully. Traditional lender’s qualifications are difficult to meet, or business owners may be forced to sell equity in their company. BusinessCash offers a better way.

“BusinessCash has deep experience in purchase order funding and inventory financing. Not only do we offer a multitude of ways to finance pre-sold inventory, but we have to fund in almost every type of industry. BusinessCash will make sure the supplier receives the payment, and business continues running smoothly. It is an asset to all parties involved and most importantly to meeting the customer’s needs,” said Chris Curtin, National Sales Manager of BusinessCash.


Since 1998, has offered solutions to tough business working capital problems. This includes extreme cash flow issues, rising expenses, and shrinking profit margins. From wholesalers to temporary staffing agencies, from government contractors to oil and gas industry suppliers, business owners grow their companies through Invoice Factoring, AR Management, Credit Protection and Purchase Order Funding with To get funded now, please call (888) 400-5930 or visit

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