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Ft Lauderdale FL – announces an increase in biotechnology supplier invoice factoring and purchase order financing deals. This occurs in the 3rd quarter of 2015. The biotech industry has been struggling with threats of regulation, poor public relations, and falling stock prices. As a result, their suppliers are experiencing working capital challenges. Only about 21 percent of small businesses are able to get commercial finance through traditional bank lenders. This is according to Biz2Credit Small Business Lending. This combination of factors has led to BusinessCash experiencing an increase of factoring deals coming from the biotech industry.’s National Sales Manager, Chris Curtin, said, ‘The biotech industry is getting squeezed from all sides lately. From the Trans-Pacific Partnership setting rules for drug prices to public and media pressure to lower US drug prices. Suppliers and distributors must be very careful about their working capital as the large biotech companies are hurt by falling stock prices and slowing payment terms.”

Curtin continued, ‘Non-recourse invoice factoring and purchase order financing funding solutions give biotech suppliers, distributors and vendors flexibility they typically can not get through traditional banking. Non-recourse financing means what we advance our customer plus the factoring fees will be covered via credit protection.’

Sean Williams at said ‘the biotech crash we’re witnessing may not be anywhere near over. There are quite a few reasons to support the idea that the biotech crash has only just begun …Only 12% publicly traded stocks in the biotech sector, based on data from Finviz, have reported a trailing 12-month profit.” expects to see more biotechnology industry suppliers and distributors depending on factoring companies for their working capital needs going into 2016. They expect the additional media attention, pressures coming from the US Presidential election year along with the possible passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to continue putting pressure on the big biotechs.


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